There is a two-month gap in Clinton’s emails that coincides with violence in Libya and the employment status of a top Clinton aide, Huma Abedin.
Aiming to draw the world’s largest group of Internet users away from an interconnected global commons and to increasingly run parts of the Internet on China’s terms. It envisions a future in which governments patrol online discourse like border-control agents, rather than let the U.S., long the world’s digital leader, dictate the rules.
Hoffman also released a statewide blueprint for use of the cameras, as well as a new policy that will urge transparency amid investigations into the use of deadly force by a police officer. “This is all about maintaining public trust at our police officers,” he said.
Researchers perfect technique that profiles people based on unique keystroke traits.
The fact that the agency chose not to archive messages raises questions about the true purpose of OCS and what discussions took place.
“Face recognition data can be collected without a person’s knowledge,” said Jennifer Lynch, an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a San Francisco-based privacy rights group. “It’s very rare for a fingerprint to be collected without your knowledge.”
Lawyers: Snowden won't get a fair trial, as he was charged under Espionage Act.
A campaign promotes the idea that children should be able to delete their online past.