The feature is called Collections and functions similarly to Snapchat's Discover section, which showcases news stories, listicles, videos, and other content submitted by handpicked media partners. Facebook's effort to create Collections comes as it struggles to distinguish between high-quality content from established media outlets and the glut of low-quality, fake news stories that go viral across the social network. The company has faced sharp criticism for its role in spreading fake news stories during the US presidential election.
The post, titled “TIFU [Today I F*cked Up] by editing some comments and creating an unnecessary controversy,” refers to a recent incident where Huffman edited comments from pro-Trump Reddit users who insulted him, replacing his own Reddit username with the usernames of Reddit’s pro-Trump community moderators. This led to Reddit users calling for Huffman to resign as Reddit CEO. Today’s announcement seems to make it apparent that Huffman will not be stepping down and will be doubling his efforts to censor “poorly behaving communities.”
A new variant of Android malware is responsible for what’s believed to be the biggest single theft of Google accounts on record. The so-called Gooligan strain has infected as many as 1.3 million Android phones since August, completely prizing the devices open and stealing the tokens users are given to verify they are authorized to access their accounts. It’s main aim, though, is not to pilfer all that juicy data in Gmail or Docs, but to force users into downloading apps as part of a huge advertising fraud scheme, making as much as $320,000 a month.
What worries me the most about fake news, isn’t that it’s fake, it’s that it’s being used by the left to try to silence opposing views. The only problem with the list, was it included real news sites of which the professor simply didn’t agree. Conservative blogs, including Red State and The Blaze, were on the list, as was more centrist, but GOP-leaning Independent Journal Review (IJR). None of those sites are fake — they often just peddle in the real news purposely not covered by the mainstream media. “Not all of these sources are always or inherently problematic, neither are all of them fake
1st In SEO will no longer do business with any person that is a registered Republican or supports Donald Trump. 1st In SEO will also not do business with business interests that support either the Republican Party or Donald Trump. We will communicate our political stance clearly to all prospective new clients. We will also aggressively advertise the fact that 1st In SEO will not do business with Republicans or anyone who supports our country’s president elect. We ask you, our current clients, to please respond to this letter and confirm where you stand politically. If you are a Republican or
Reddit CEO Steve Huffman admitted to editing user comments that berated him, redirecting those insults toward moderators of Reddit’s Donald Trump fan community. One user responded, “This, unfortunately, calls into question the validity of any post made on the entirety of reddit, and raises sincere concerns, beyond The_Donald. (Fake)News outlets often cite reddit posts, which are now revealed to be entirely falsifiable by the admins, with no trace. This is a dark day for Reddit.”
Apple App Store and Google Play users are taking their displeasure out on CNN and other news sites by giving the companies’ mobile apps one star reviews, citing the outlets’ liberal bias. Other targeted publishers include Mic, Quartz, and USA Today, who have also been slammed by users upset over the companies’ biases, with two-thirds of reviews on USA Today citing its liberal leanings.
Amazon appeared to remove several politically motivated negative reviews of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly's memoir Settle for More after a flood of one-star ratings drew media attention. At one point, as many as 76% of the reviews were one-star, Slate reported. Some commenters picked up on the removal of the negative reviews. "Tim from MD.," for example, wrote a post titled "Over 120 1 star reviews have been deleted. Are we living in a free country anymore?" "Trump is president, but she wrote the book certain Clinton would win," Tim from MD. wrote. "Now the book and her shows advertisers are ge